We, at PHE Institute of Hydraulics (an initiative of Precision Hydraulic Engineers) Faridabad, are providing basic and advanced training to new and existing personnel in the construction, mobile and industrial hydraulic industries .We impart a mix of class room and on-the- job work training for participants to receive full benefits of the programs.

 The programs feature Basic and Advanced Certification .Each certification involves successful completion of modules of classes to provide comprehensive training in basic skill and tools management to complement technical content of the programs. These also involve practical sessions in the in house workshop facilities for short-term courses. For ITI’s and Diploma candidates, practical training would be arranged on actual job sites/ workshops.

All technical modules stress upon the following:

a. Basic principles  b. Preventive maintenance and  c. Trouble shooting

This PHE Institute of Hydraulics is an initiative of Precision Hydraulic Engineers Faridabad, this company was established in August 2000 as a proprietorship company, keeping in mind the vast potential existing in after-sales-support of Heavy Earthmoving & Construction Equipment. Our main area of activity is to provide cost effective and durable repair of hydraulic components fitted on these machines, thanks to our knowledge and experience in the field.   

As the country is progressing fast, the basic requirement of building infra-structures and industrial projects at a brisk pace is the need of the hour.

Plants and Machineries are vital part of any of these construction activities to mechanise them in order to reduce time of completion and also to do the job more efficiently and of better quality. This results in cost saving, safe and timely completion of jobs.

Growth of construction industry has not only thrown a challenge but also landed in a crisis of sort to get requisite skilled manpower for day to day operation of works as the same is not available to man the modern plants and machineries. These plants and machineries are becoming tech savvy with innovation of new technology each passing day. Availability of people with adequate skill and know-how required to operate and maintain these machines is becoming difficult with no source of generation of skilled people for the specified jobs.

Construction industry has not been able to visualize this demand and supply gap and is now becoming victim of the problem and suffering badly. We, with our long association with the industry, have decided to look for the solution by setting-up a Technical Institute to impart training in equipment management, which is a step forward in this direction. We have located PHE Institute of Hydraulics in Gurukul area of Sarai Khawaja in Faridabad (Haryana).

We envisage to enroll unskilled youth who are not qualified enough, train them and make them skilled workmen and train to operate different construction equipment to fill the void to the extent possible, both in organized as well as unorganized sectors of construction industry. We will also offer add-on courses for the apprentices coming out of Polytechnics and ITI’s enhancing their chance of getting employment. Our proposition is to provide high quality skilled workforce to operate, maintain and carry-out quality repair services.

Institute will also offer courses for skill generation, skill development and skill advancement. We would conduct short-term specialized courses designed as per our customer needs for operation, maintenance and overall construction equipment management covering all aspect of project operation. These courses could be further segmented into different project specific equipment and operations.

Our Institute will cater basically three segments .

  1. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) who have a large range of construction equipment within a given market but are lacking a strong Product Support Program.
  2. Large construction contractors who take-up commercial construction projects and manage their own fleet of equipment engaged at various sites and projects.
  3. Private owners of construction equipment who supply heavy machineries on rental basis.

The training courses would cover all technical, commercial and safety aspects of plants and machineries including on-hand practical sessions and would be of the durations ranging from 7 days,  15 days, 3 months and 6 months depending on the qualification and experience of the candidates. The candidates would be given a certificate after successful completion of the courses. Our’s is a unique service oriented Institute which will save our clients expenditures on following fronts.

  1. Recruitment cost
  2. Training cost (including un-warranted break-downs which occur due to un-skilled staff handling the machines)
  3. Training time
  4. A source of continuous supply of skilled manpower at all times
  5. A safeguard against attrition and heavy poaching prevalent in the construction industry.

We have generated a pricing structure for imparting training. This cost will be solely borne by the trainees and companies who want their existing manpower to get trained.  

The Institute will have affiliations with Govtt. Bodies and recognition in due course. The Institute would recommend successful candidates to various companies/organizations with whom we have long association and help them get gainfully employed (though demand is so huge as against supply that recommendation may not be needed at all).

We hope above explains our idea of technical institute which not only works as stimulus to the skill development and fill the demand and supply gap to some extent but also gives an option to the existing customers, equipment owners, OEM’s to cater their needs of skilled manpower.

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